Type of order:
Architects of conception:
Ramon Col, Architect.
Architects of Accomplishment:


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Hotel of four stars with 193 rooms, 6 senior suites junior and 12 suites, multipurpose room, restaurants, bars, club of jazz, stores, offices, gymnasium with swimming pool, etc., and 100 seats of parking, in the Junqueira street, in front of the Tajo river in the Av do Indians, across of the seat of the Center of Congresses of Lisbon. With a surface of 11,837.20 m2 under the level of ground and 15,120.70 m2 over the level of the ground, that is to say, with a 26,957.90 total of m2.
The project has a height of Ground floor more three levels, over the ground, two levels more buried. It is organized, in a form of U, around a great "Atrium" opened to the river, but protected by a vertical show window in facade and another one in horizontal like cover, leaving this one main space of the hotel with a total transparency to the outside.
The accesses are located, one by the Junqueira street, another one by the seat of the Center of Congresses, peatonal seat with access of vehicles of public transport only and third, solely for exceptional events, by the glass facade of the Atrium of the side of the Av. Do Indians, in front of the Tajo river.
The facades are sober, with an order of composition on the scale of the deep space, I am transparent but keeping a privacy in their interior, thanks to a treatment of serigrafía, the conception of the double skin of clear glass and the installation of estores in their interior. The project has a unitary composition, its facades also, each one with a frame of great large windows framed with marble. In addition to the transparency, this conception offers an extraordinary sound insulation and thermal, with the consequent saving of energy.
Cellar -2, is dedicated to parking of the hotel, 100 seats and to services.
Cellar -1, in fact we can say that cellar is semi -, because he is open zenith in the area of the Atrium, that is to say, partly is the ground of the Atrium, giving to this one a space with a greater scale, singular space than to his around the hotel is organized. In addition to services of the hotel, in this one level are the multipurpose room, bar, cooks and restaurant and club of jazz, with facade to the Atrium.
The ground floor, with the accesses and reception of the hotel, with double height, generous spaces that are opened to the great space formed by the Atrium, first image that receives the traveller who arrives at the hotel and the last one when he goes away, impressive image, that will not leave indifferent the visitor and will keep in its memory, not only by its singularity, but also by the comfort and possibilities that this space offers. In this one level also they are: healtt club, bar, zones to be, stores, offices and a restaurant, official notice in vertical with which one is in the inferior level.
In the superior levels, 1º, 2º and 3º, are the rooms, whose runner of access, is between the rooms that they give to the outside and those that they give to the Atium. Runner opened in its ends to the outside, that is to say, that from any part of these common spaces sees the outside, avoiding therefore the sensations of claustrofobia possible of the closed spaces and being able to orient itself better. Spaces dealt with materials as the wood in the walls and a carpet centered in the ground and indirect illumination, that in addition to being functional and easy maintenance, are for creating a warm atmosphere.
The rooms are extensive, in the lobby there is the access to the room of bath and is a closet locker and strong box. The bath is complete, in addition to bathtub there is the possibility of installing an independent shower, as he is it also independent the WC and bidet, but with it is transparent glass divisions, not to reduce the space visually. The ground and the walls are of marble. The space to be - dormitory, also is a work space, in general this one function is every present day in the new hotels and being this one hotel it faces del Center of Congresses, still a greater affluence of men and women of businesses is foreseeable. This space is open in the totality of the surface of its facade, the ground to the ceiling and wall wall, transparency that allows an ample vision to the outside, in any position: of foot, seated and laid down. Facade of double glass skin ventilated, except for the facades to the Atrium, obtaining itself therefore an excellent sound insulation and thermal, with the consequent economy of energy. Transparency voluntarily of the user, thanks to the estores that are inside the double skin and to the double curtain inside the room, that is to say, a dynamic facade thermally and with a variable transparency, of the total concealment to the total transparency, according to the will and use of the user.
The suites, besides to have a greater space, have a bath with double bathtub with hidromasaje and an independent room of being in the suites Sir.
The furniture is studied specially, with a design in coherence with the Architecture of the hotel, functional, of vanguard, sober minimalist and, but with the necessary comfort and in agreed with the category of the hotel.