Societat Municipal Bagur S.A..
Type of order:
Aid I publish.
Architects of conception:
Ramon Col, Architect.
Architects of Accomplishment:


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The proposal, the halfed-bury belt, in its discovered part, és to completely bury it in all its route through the Seat. And the rest of the circulation around the seat, connecting until altres vies, serà in superfície, com sempre is estat in one ciutat, one plaça circulació in superfíce in sentit contrari to them agulles of rellotge.
The Plaça has to tenir to caràcter predominant of jardí in seu centers, conservant especiès vegetals d'alt interest existents actuelement, in which és peató the one that is to dominate l'espai, inclús to them boreres to peu of them façanes dels edificis to voltant of Plaça i in seus passos fins centers of the Plaça.
També is to be one plaça functional, that pugui utilitzar- in qualsevol època of any, plogui, faci fred or heat, amb in one plaça or to carrer porticada, a country nòrdic or a country mediterrani sempre protegeix of pluja or the sun. In aquest cas not sent one plaça porticada, I settle in terç of the Plaça, part més high, part nord one plaça coberta of 50 ms x 50 ms, to per to tenir ús permanent the Plaça. Aquesta part coberta també pot to serve to per altres activitats puntuals, festes, concerts etc... Aquesta coberta també li dóna a new, tecnològica image, that respects the medio.ambiente, with photovoltaic glass panels of cèlulas, spaced, letting pass light sifting it, i filtering it. Celulas fotoelectricas recojen energia to pave, being accumulated and illuminating during the night on the cover, but also, the functional illumination of the rest of the seat, with forward installations with the optical fiber, with centers i light sources.
Also, it can make work the water pumping until the end of the inclined surface of the cover of glass, forming a fine làmina of water, bathed of the south to north, the cover that at the same time of being a source, cleaned the cover with a fine curtain from water to a pool.
This pool communicates linearly through a small channel, illuminated with optical fiber at night, with a central pool that is in the center of both third rest of the Seat. Pool of great dimensions, as little depth serves to recover the old pool of the Seat where the children, among other things can play with their barquitos. The rumor of water i the frondosidad of you hoist them, serves to mask the noises of tráfic of the surroundings.
Of the center of the Seat, it follows the main axis, in diagonal, from the Travessera de Dalt, to General Mitre, corresponding to the layout of the tunnel. In the cover of the qual there is a little thickness, to avoid to have forts unevennesses, where puedem not to stand àrboles but grass.
DES of the center, the small continuous water channel until the end of the garden in a square seat, where four columns or sculptures rise, I propose that there are four escultores chosen by the City, so that each one makes a sculpture different, conserving total or partial an element red vertically, that simbolizaria the four I sweep of the Catalan senyera, projecting on a yellow or golden bottom of a wall that is it finds in the other side of the street and sight from the central point of the way on the foot of the cover of the Seat. The diversity of sculptures, simbolizaria also the diversity of the culture, people, history, the City, Catalonia.
This seat has to be accessible to all, including the invalidos ones, for that reason even considering that the ceiling of the tunnel that has quota high, the study of ways in diagonal of seat i cruze of ways until the source, són without great unevennesses, nor scales.
Others of the elementes that set out, besides to conserve the possibility of extension of the tube station, a superfície buried for parking is reserved, necessary in all the cities like Barcelona and individual in that district, that is a lack d'estacionamiento evident and also to reserve the superfície possibility of per equipment either other necessary uses for the District or the City, which can be integrated with natural illumination due to the North unevenness - South of the seat, in the covered part it can even have accesses.