Grupo "Mario Rodríguez Pereira&Filhos,Lda"
Rua do Campo Alegre,830–1º
4150 Oporto
Type of order:
Project and direction of works inner architecture. Direct order, client deprived in 1999. In construction, anticipated conclusion of works final of semestral first of the 2003.
Architectes Associés:
Joao Paciencia and Ramon Collado


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Hotel of five stars, with 274 rooms and suites, center of businesses, multipurpose room, gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurants, bar, terrace-garden, etc. and 400 seats of parking, located in the Av. Boavista between the streets Tenente Valadim and Pedro Hispano.
Project with easy access from the freeway and the Av. Boavista, with seats of parking more than sufficient for the hotel, reason why a part will be of public use. The ground floor is open towards the garden, extending to the outside, in landscaped terraces: the restaurants, bar, etc., privileging the views, the tranquillity, that is to say, the comfort
The atrium is the central piece, around as the hotel is organized, with its transparent facade of double glass skin, of 24 m. by all the height of the building. The runners from access to the rooms, from the panoramic glass elevators with views to the outside, give to the atrium like a balcony run in each level, these corridors located in the central part and of longitudinal way of the building, they are also opened to the outside in its two ends, in the facades this and west.
The facades of double glass skin, in all wide and the height of each room, in addition to the qualities of heat insulation and acoustic, allow to have a transparency towards the outside from any position: of foot, seated or laid down.