Group UNIBAIL. 5 boulevard Malesherbes
75 008 Paris
Type of order:
Aid deprived in 1998. Project and direction of works. In construction, anticipated conclusion of works in May 2002.
Architects of conception:
Ricardo Bofill  Factory of Architecture, attended by Ramon Col, Architect.
Architects of Accomplishment:
Calq-Architecture and Ramon Col.


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Set of offices and parking, located in Cite' Le Retiro, with three directions: 30, rue du faubourg Saint Honoré, 33-37 rue Boissy d'Anglas ET 3, rue of Surčne  75008 PARIS, located in the heart of the Gold Triangle, to proximity of the Church of the Madeleine and Place of the Concorde.
Urban project, con..una inner private apple street with three accesses and 22,000. - m2 of offices, multipurpose room, restaurant, cafeteria, gymnasium and clothes, etc. and 450 seats of parking prevailed in cellar.
The project of Cite' du Retirement has been conceived like a space and technical innovation from the spaces of the passages or Parisian inner streets.
The spaces public are articulated forming a unique and diverse set. The perspective are had broken to give a sensation of peace and variety based on the movement, to obtain a space sequence and temporary money changer and dynamics. An architecture that considers the movement, constructing its joints so that the spectator constantly has a perception different from the space. Totally new spaces of resisted dimensions
The facades basically will be constructed in sure glass serigrafiado glass and glass bricks. The pavement of the public space with paving stones in Calm Pietra. The nears space will be sober.