Parquexpo, GERIL Investimentos imobiliarios, Lda. y SOMAGE PMG
Type of order:
Concurso mixto público-privado.
Arquitect associated :
Joao Paciencia y Ramon Collado.


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The land has a semicircular form, in amphitheatre, in which the accomplishment of un"cressent", as it indicates the scale model of volumes, exposed in the premises of the EXPO seems almost evident. But on the other hand also it seems evident, city-planning, the accomplishment of a tower in the axis of the great avenue, like bottom of the perspective. On the other hand also the accomplishment of a tower seems opportune, to lodge a hotel of five stars, of this one way the rooms will have panoramic views, or to the Tajo river or the city of Lisbon, the hotel would not have the same interest, if the views were only towards the environs of a first plane. In addition to being a singular project, our proposal tries to be a modern project (contemporary), is transparent, but keeping the privacy in its interior, made with vanguard technology, respecting the medio.ambiente: energy saving (to see description facades doubles skin). With an architectonic design, from its set to the minimum detail. In the hotel with the design of an adapted, customized furniture, to obtain the best comfort, as much in the spaces common as in the prevailed ones of the rooms. A quality set, with differentiated spaces and atmospheres: reception, to be, restaurants, bars, etc. With spaces flexible, functional, diaphanous and adaptable with tabiquería consequently movable, for encounter, conventions, seminaries, meetings, etc. Flexible and modulables spaces voluntarily, in individual in the offices. Urban project, with easy access from the seat Prince Perfeito, with a peatonal street semicircular cover in level 2, street of the offices, to right and left of the hotel, ends at the "Atrium", central seat of the project, dead ground of eight (8) levels of height, "gothic" space formed by the staggered separation of the bars of rooms of the hotel, in whose inferior levels they are: restaurants, bars, club-fitness, amphitheatre, stores, etc., From the outer access with vehicle, an independent entrance of parking for the hotel and another one for parking public. The services of security fires and others, accede both to the hotel and front buildings of offices, from the seat Prince Perfeito and to both buildings of offices across of the peatonal street, from the way on watch perimetral buttock. The minusválidos ones accede from the three front buildings to any building and also they can accede to the later perimetral way. The project is open towards the Urban Jardim do Cabeço it give Rolas, to the "Atrium", central piece, around as the hotel is organized, penetrates the garden by the south with a water cascade until the foot of the elevators, with palms, creating an atmosphere next to the river that makes think about next earth, but also distant, a tribute to people who sailed opening new routes. The garden extends around to the outside and his, in landscaped terraces, with zones to be, etc., privileging the views, the tranquillity, that is to say, the comfort. The runners from access to the rooms, from the elevators, with views to the Atrium, are like balconies in each level. These corridors located in the central part, the superior levels and of longitudinal way of the building, are also opened to the outside in their two ends, in the North and South facades, that is to say, from any common space a transparency exists made the outside. The surface constructed of the offices, from the ground floor is of the order of 23,000. - m2 and the one of the hotel of 17,000. - m2 = 40,000. - m2: The plant type of the hotel has fifteen (15) rooms, plus a suite. In the later part (South), they are possible to be added up to four plots of four meters (4 ms) until the limit of the land, that is to say, eight (8) rooms by plant, clear is more adapting the position of the stairs nucleus - elevators to continue respecting the maximum distances of evacuation, in case of fire. The buildings of offices, altogether four, are conceived with a criterion of Maxima flexibility, that is to say, in addition to being four and in the superstructure with an operation of independent way, they can be official notices with footbridges that cross the peatonal street; each level of each building can be divided until in four independent parts, from the central nucleus of the stairs-elevators. In the central nuclei, besides to lodge the elevators and stairs, to the technical premises, toilets, rooms of meeting, archives, etc. can be located leaving free the rest of the surface of each plant, to organize it as "they open espace", or with the detachable modular divisions, that are desired and in the location that is desired, following a modulation or plot international of to 1.35 mililiter, modulation corresponding also to the facades. The flexibility and adaptability, are completed by the accomplishment of the networks of facilities in technical ground, allowing to connect the office furniture, in any wished point. When organizing the surface of offices in four buildings, in addition to the interest of the creation of the urban space and the flexibility of its compartmentation or division, also allows a construction by phases if therefore it is desired or if imposes the commercialization. The covered street, can be with glass panels, integrating in approximately 50% of its surface photovoltaic cells (modernity image), that besides to serve as protection of the pedestrians, as much in winter as in summer, can catch the energy of the light, transforming it into electrical light for nocturnal illumination. Obtaining, along with the facades, an economy of energy (to see official, even European aids of financing). The facades of double glass skin, in all wide and the height of each room of the hotel and the set of the facades of the offices, in addition to the qualities of heat insulation and acoustic, allow to have a transparency towards the outside from any position: of foot, seated or laid down and consequently a better visual comfort. The rectangular parts of glass, are framed with white marble, in the inferior stepped volumes of the hotel and they frame the wall as well curtain of glass, urban scale large window in the facades this and west. The main entrance of the hotel, whose form can remember the prow of a boat, is framed with a vertical wall ciclópeo target to the right and with a vertical wall of red stucco ruby to the left. The facades of the buildings of the offices are hopeless with a retranqueo, forming a planted attic of two levels, leaving in the outside a columnata between two frisos of aluminum lacado in white color. In short, it is a project with the ambition to make it the necessary effort yet, to also obtain the greater internal comfort and with his relation to the outside.